How to: create Telegram stickers starting with high resolution image (1024 pixels heights)

Why: so that other people can do the same (and inform us, so that we promote)

Bonus for newbies: learn a little of  Gimp & of Telegram stickers

Genesis: I asked 3 people in AtOMo Telegram, what stickers they desired to created and “Six” the owner of this Bitcorn Farm opted for “Carnival”, his future project (I will update this part when more will be revealed). It will be used as the example in this tutorial.

1. Does the word exist (well, In AtOMo world) ?

Check it in AtOMo Speller

AtOMo speller validate word

2. Image dimension in Gimp

5 squares : 5 x 1024 = 5120  |   image dimension : 5120 x 1024 (300 ppi)

AtOMo new Gimp image for sticker[see images in bigger site]

3. Insert 1st AtOMo square

I have it locally in my computer: juts drag & drop the 1024 png format.

You can download it from this URL :

Do you need Helium = 2 He ? change 002 & he in the URL for: /002atomohe1024.png

Alternative in your browser (need normally a with a JSON plugin): navigate our AtOMo collection list, select the needed square, e.g. 4 Be Beryllium, and select the ‘1024 png’ in line:

png1024 “

insert AtOMo square in Gimp

4. Move & adjust square

Tools > Transform Tools > Move

Open ‘Layers’ window to help select the right layer: Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Layers

Move 1st with mouse/cursor, afterwards in zoom with arrow keys in keyboards

AtOMo adjust square in gimp

5. Finalize all squares

Pre-select in ‘Layers” window the layer/square to move

Finalize AtOMo word squares in Gimp

6. Export high resolution image

Copy from the Speller the name with correct uppercase or lowercase letters & add the image size

Great we have the image in high resolution! (In fact we will provide it with the Speller once, for 1024. And you can as well skip all steps 1 to 5 by taking directly the image provided by the Speller)

AtOMo export image from Gimp[see images in bigger site]

7. Reduce image size for Telegram sticker

Telegram sticker height or width is maximum 512. Let’s reduce it here from 5120 to 512. With  the other dimension is adapted automatically.

Export reduced size with updated filename

AtOMo reduce image size & export in Gimp[see images in bigger site]

8. Create and publish in Telegram Sticker

—   You desire that we Blockchainizator we publish the AtOMo sticker?   —
—   Just ask in our Telegram channel!   —

Do it yourself! Select ‘Stickers’ as your Direct Message in Telegram, and follow the process starting with /addsticker (If a Telegram Sticker package is not already created, do it previously with /newpack):

AtOMo create & publish new Telegram Sticker[see images in bigger site]


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