Frequently Asked Questions

Currently the FAQ is focused on how to buy our NFTs.


How to buy NFT

1. Create [have] a Counterparty (Bitcoin) wallet

2.  Send [have] Bitcoin to [in] this wallet

3. Send Bitcoin to the Dispenser address (wallet)

4. Enjoy receiving your NFT


1: Create a Counterparty (Bitcoin) wallet

Verify that the type of  Counterparty (Bitcoin) wallet is listed in the Official Counterparty wallets list.

We recommend

  • FreeWallet : iOS & Android devices / Chrome & Safari browser / Desktop on Windows, Macintosh, & Linux
  • Counterwallet : official web browser wallet

Warning  for browser wallet : do check each time the url.

Write down your (public) wallet addres ‘1…’ for step 2.



2. Send Bitcoin to this wallet

A) Buy Bitcoin from trading exchange or Bitcoin wallet app.

We recommend our long-time trusted partner friends

  • SwissBorg : iOS & Android app with Smart Engine connecting to leading exchanges
  • ZenGo : keyless iOS & Android app, as the best user friendly mutli-crypto wallet
  • Bity : Swiss brokerage to buy, sell, trade (even with fiat money), & use your cryptocurrencies

B) send Bitcoin to your (public) wallet addres ‘1…’ of step 1.


3: Send Bitcoin to the Dispenser address (wallet)

A) Identify the NFT you desire to acquire in our Buy NFTs page & jump to Dispenser external page by selecting the ‘Buy ASSTENAME’ in the right-side column ‘Buy’

B) send the indicated Bitcoin amount to the Dispenser address (wallet), see or use QR-code.


4. Enjoy receiving your NFT

You lazy NFTs  owner – just wait 15 to 30 minutes and see your NFT(s) in your Counterparty (Bitcoin) wallet of step 1.


Want to buy with $, €, ... Fiat money

Contact us, e.g. fiat-trade {at} blockchainizator {.} com .

Soon here few links as documentation,

Have more questions?

Dan Anderson : Counterparty Tutorial
General explanation of Counterparty and its alternative wallet

Learn how to use the Counterparty (XCP) protocol and currency to issue cryptoassets and tokens

The official Counterwallet FAQ
Robot Love Coffee - video tutorial

… & text summary / overview : link to Robot Love Coffee

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch!

Write to us for more queries and we would reply back to you as early as possible. Write to us at



“In Bitcoin Counterparty We Trust” - Crafted with serious fun in mountains & lakes region.

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