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We will list few frequently asked queries with our collection. Kindly look up for the answers.

But for now find the 6 major steps or actions you need to master.
The four 1st will allow you to get your 1st AtOMo squares.
Last one will even teach you how to (re-)sell squares.


Step 1:

Create an account on Book of Orbs (BoO) To purchase goods on book of orbs, you will need to create an account. The link below will explain ton you how to proceed with the web application : If you prefer use it on androids app, use this link instead : Be careful to keep your password safe !

Step 2:

 Buy Bitcoins on Coinbase and send them to your BoO wallet Next you will need to send some Bitcoins (BTC), the basic cryptocurrency, on BoO wallet. Here are the steps to follow to buy bitcoins and send them: The wallet address to send to is your BoO address. Alternatives are trading platform like Bitstamp, Kraken, etc.

Step 3:

buy BitCrystal and send them on you BoO wallet   You will also need to send some BitCrystals, an other cryptocurrency, on your BoO wallet. Here is the  BitCrystals Official Store where you can pay with BTC or ETH. Alternative by Once again, the wallet address to send to is your BoO address.


Step 4:

Buy assets on Book of Orbs: Now that your BoO wallet is filled with Bitcoins and BitCrystals, you can purchase the digital goods. The link below explains how to proceed:

Step 5:

Cancel your transaction Maybe you decided to buy the wrong asset and wish to cancel your transaction. Here is the way to proceed:

Step 6:

Sell your assets on book of orbs You can also sell the assets you purchased. The link below will explain you how to proceed:
All our links are from BitCrystals documentation,
please find them all here

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