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Atomo in Book of Orbs

Reuse of AtOMo collectibles

The pictures of AtOMo collection and any other of our content are our intellectual property (IP) and are free to use under the license 4.0 xyz Creative Commons (CC) Our desire of open source and open data is simple: – we are happy that anyone can re-use and transform our content – if the reference to AtOMo & Blockchainizator is published with – even for commercial use – except the creation and trade of blockchain tokens or cryptocurrencies

The last point to reserve exclusively to us the commercial use on blockchains resulted on the part of CC, as to protect content for one area of commercial use, one should protect it in all areas (some countries cannot ensure the difference between commercial areas).

But for all other commercial usages (digital or merchandising), just write an e-mail with a short description of your products and services, and we will grant you a non-exclusive license for 1 year automatically renewable.Our email ID is  


“In BitCrystals We Trust” - Crafted with serious fun in mountains & lakes region.

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