AtOMo collection name comes from the Italian or Spanish translation of “atom” : atomo. The name is composed by three elements of the periodic table : At (Astate) + O (Oxygen) + Mo (Molybdenum).

AtOMo 3072 x 1024

It’s great how many words you can create by combining the atom’s symbol names with one or two characters, This will be used for specific word(s) tokens in our collection.

If written alone as title, there are space: At O Mo.
Within a sentence or group of words, no space: The AtOMo collection rocks!

The token name is LATOMO, as Counterparty blockchain token cannot start with “A”. So it is further significant in Italian: L’atomo.

Check current LATOMO… tokens created in our two main Counterparty & Bitcoin compatible wallets
Elements Blockchainizator AtOMo Wallet
Words Bockchainizator AtOMo Wallet

And remember, this is only half the collection currently published in Counterparty/Bitcoin. Depending on the collection success, we will decide if we will create the same units number in another blockchain from 2019.