130 digital assets were created as Counterparty tokens. The list is here. You notice that they all start with LATOMO. You will know more soon. But perhaps we will even put some in sales before, in the Counterparty DEx (accessible in Book of Orbs).

LATOMO 130 Cloud

Another important point: only this part of the collection will be created in 2018, as Counterparty tokens, running on the Bitcoin blockchain. Depending on the collection success, we will decide if we will create the same units number in another blockchain from 2019 only. Why?

  • The reach and interest on this collection could further grow by being published and visible to another blockchain community
  • Collectibles on 2 different blockchain allows more possibilities for applications integrating these tokens, even “multi-chains” services.
krnl download
BTroblox download
PGsharp apk
Arceus X download
Hydrogen executor
JJSPloit download
Hdo Box apk
Revanced apk
etcher download
gacha art apk
Aurora Store apk
filmplus apk
iptv smarters apk
live nettv apk
kiddions mod apk
happy chick apk
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