SRgSSr: NFT gift to SRG SSR employees & partners

Part of AtOMo NFT collection from 2018 & one of the top 100 earliest.

Offered by Nicolas Sierro as ‘bye-bye/au-revoir’ digital experience after his > 2,5 years involvement for the product SRG Login.

SRgSSr –


  • On Bitcoin …
  • … Counterparty (layer on top of Bitcoin)
  • Total supply: 1291
  • locked (no additional supply possible)
  • Issued (minted) on 1st of August 2023

(Swissness: 1291 & 1st of August)

More info about AtOMo: Why creating elements of the periodic table as blockchain token?

    Who is eligible to receive SRgSSr as gift?
    All people who were in contact with Nicolas during May 2021 to November 2023  for SRG Login (or around 2012 for the project RTS+ HbbTV), confirming afterwards their interest by sending an e-mail with their Counterparty wallet address to

    All SRG SSR group employees sending e-mail with their Counterparty wallet address from domains:,,,,,,, etc. to

    … until the whole 1290 are are distributed
    [One will be kept for Nicolas]

    How to have a Bitcoin Counterparty wallet address?How to get Counterparty wallet

    After the initial NFT distribution,

    • all ‘holders’ (= wallet addresses
having ‘SRGSSR’) are listed in blockchain explorer (like, e.g. select ‘Holders’ in SRGSSR)
    • but the wallet owner identity is not publicly known
    • it establishes a group of people (community, club of people interested by NFT and linked to SRG in the period 2021 & 2024)
    • Nicolas will send other NFTs to these wallets from December 2024, e.g. transaction with the function ‘Dividend’
    • Other people can send NFTs to (some of) these wallets
    • People can create their own (new) NFTs and share (send) to the club
    • People can reveal which address is their wallet and people can gift NFT to someone known
    • etc.


    “In Bitcoin Counterparty We Trust” - Crafted with serious fun in mountains & lakes region.

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